Current & Past Projects

Since 1985, Borneo Lestari Sdn Bhd and its directors have been involved in the trade of seafood. Borneo Lestari Sdn Bhd will continue to be involved in the trade of seafood both local, regional and internationally.

Current & Past Projects

Pond grow-out of Sabah Grouper F4 in Kunak, Sabah 

Whole eel cleaned and block frozen for local and Japan market

Construction of floating marine cage & tow to location in Kunak, Sabah

Prepared sardines (Sardinella Gibbosa) for export to Thailand & Vietnam for canning purpose.

Sea ranching construction for Agropolitan Pitas – Sea Cucumber 

Cleaned baby octopus (Octopus dollfusi, O. ocellatus, O. membranaceus) for Japan market

Fish cage completion inspection in Tawau, Sabah

Fish cage visit with Department of Fisheries Malaysia to Pulau Ketam, Selangor

Baby lobster (250g to 350g) (panulirus ornatus & palinuridae latreille)  

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